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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Archery


Archery Shooting

Five Key Components for Accuracy!

Mark Petersen

There are five key components for accurate archery shooting.

The first thing you want to do to maintain accurate archery shooting is to periodically check your bow for proper tuning and your arrows for proper flight. You also want to make sure you number your arrows, so if one of your arrows is consistently out of your normal grouping you can easily determine if it is the same arrow every time. You don't necessarily have to toss the arrow away because you might just be able to tune it and get it to fly true again.

Concentration is another key component to accurate archery shooting. To build up your concentration, shoot just a few arrows (five or less) at each practice session. You will want to do this more often rather than going out every once in a while to practice with many arrows. By only shooting just a few arrows at each practice session, you must concentrate and make every shot count. Set goals for yourself to shoot a better group each subsequent time you practice. This will help develop your accurate archery skills and ensure you have the concentration and mental toughness to make the shot when you really must.

Another tip for developing accurate archery skills is to practice at longer distances. Shooting at longer distances is more difficult and requires you to maintain good form in order to be accurate. Any inconsistencies in your form will be exaggerated at longer distances. Shooting accurately at longer distances will build confidence, which is beneficial to accurate archery shooting. Of course, everyone must develop their own comfort level for shooting at longer distances, and I am in no way promoting you shoot at live game at long distances or at distances you don't feel comfortable with.

A simple but often overlooked component of accurate archery shooting is to make sure your arrows are straight. Certainly your shooting won't be accurate if your arrow is not straight - that's obvious. Even a new arrow can be flawed, so it is good practice to check your arrows for straightness, periodically.

The last key component of accurate archery shooting is to work on your consistency. Learn your best archery form, the best anchor point for you, the regular routine you are most comfortable with as you prepare to shoot, and the way you release the arrow with your fingers or release aid. Practicing these items until they are second nature is paramount to you shooting accurately.

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