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Article publishing guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

The International Mental Game Coaching Association

Call For IMGCA Writers

The International Mental Game Coaching Association is calling for writers who would like to publish articles on the International Mental Game Coaching Association web site. Articles may be published in the public Articles section of the IMGCA website and/or in the IMGCA Members-only section. The IMGCA will consider articles from all persons, from all disciplines. IMGCA members and IMGCA certified mental game practitioners have priority for publication. Please see the guidelines for publication below.

For more information or further questions on publication guidelines, or to submit an article, please contact Bill Cole, MS, MA, IMGCA President.

Call For IMGCA Editors

The IMGCA is calling for editors who would like to assist in the production of the International Mental Game Coaching Association web site articles section. Please contact the IMGCA, care of Bill Cole, MS, MA, President.

IMGCA Web Site Article Topics and Issues

Some of the topics and issues covered in the International Mental Game Coaching Association articles are:

  1. Avoiding slumps, staleness and burnout
  2. Becoming a tougher competitor
  3. Book, video and audio reviews
  4. Building self-confidence
  5. Building the killer instinct
  6. Championship thinking
  7. Concentration and focus
  8. Emotional control
  9. Ethics in sport
  10. Exercise psychology
  11. Goal setting strategies
  12. How strategy and tactics affect the mental game
  13. Human movement
  14. Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis
  15. Maintaining mental game mastery
  16. The mental game in coaching
  17. Mental mastery in competition
  18. Mental preparation
  19. Mental success plans
  20. Mental toughness
  21. Mental training
  22. Motor learning
  23. Personal interviews
  24. Practicing the mental game
  25. Psychological warfare
  26. Removing performance barriers
  27. Sports in society
  28. Sports medicine
  29. Sports philosophy
  30. Sports psychiatry
  31. Sports psychology
  32. Sports sociology
  33. Stress management
  34. Teaching the mental game
  35. Teamwork and team-building
  36. Turning stress into success
  37. Visualization
  38. Youth sports
  39. The Mental Game of: Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Figure Skating, Fitness, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Learning and Skill Mastery, Martial Arts, Meditation, Mind-Body Disciplines, Motivation, Music, Racing, Roller Sports, Rowing, Running, Sailing, Selling, Shooting, Skating, Skiing, Soccer, Softball, Speaking and Presentations, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Weight Control, Wrestling, Yoga and Youth Sports.

IMGCA Article Publishing Guidelines

  1. Articles may be submitted that have been previously published or they may be brand new articles.

  2. Articles will be accepted only via email. No hard copy articles will be considered. Articles should be in an attached word document format, and not compressed.

  3. Authors should submit articles in English, with a brief abstract of no more than 200 words describing the article, with full title, sub-title (if any), author name, author work affiliation, and a word count of the article.

  4. Authors should include contact information that will appear at the end of the article so readers may contact them. This should include the author's name, web site, institution affiliation and any professional titles and degrees.

  5. The author holds the article copyright, not the IMGCA.

  6. Articles can range in word length from very brief to fairly lengthy. For readability, the IMGCA suggests authors make their articles in the 500 to four thousand word range.

  7. The IMGCA welcomes all types of article formats, including, but not limited to, book critiques and reviews, instructional articles, technical articles, research, coaching and teaching articles, editorials, humorous pieces.

  8. The IMGCA makes no payment for, and provides no consideration for publication of any articles on its web site. Authors will receive international exposure and may attract media attention. In addition, they will be advancing the world of mental game coaching by sharing their work with a wide audience.

  9. The IMGCA reserves the right to ask the author to edit the article to fit the format and policies of the IMGCA web site. This may involve such issues as word count, title, content, etc. The author will have final decision and control over how the article appears on the IMGCA web site. The IMGCA reserves the right to make final decision as to whether or not an article will appear on the IMGCA web site.

  10. Permission is granted by the IMGCA and the article authors for third parties to reproduce these articles, but permission is NOT granted for the articles, or any portion thereof, to be reproduced for sale in any manner. See Article Usage Guidelines for additional details.

  11. You agree not to include any affiliate links in the body of your article. If you are promoting an affiliate program, please set up your own domain and link to your domain in your contact information.

  12. Authors shall not make racist, obscene or otherwise inflammatory remarks within their articles.

  13. Authors must respect copyrights.

  14. The IMGCA reserves the right to remove articles that do not meet our guidelines at any time.

  15. The IMGCA has published specific guidelines regarding submissions.

Article Preparation

  1. Please use the American Psychological Association, 5th edition, (APA) style for citations, table and figure legends and layout, and references.

  2. Non-sexist language should be utilized.

  3. Articles should be double-spaced, with numerous paragraph breaks, for easier reading, and be written in a simple, black font like Courier, Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman or the like, in at least 11 point for easier reading.

  4. We suggest utilizing headers to describe new paragraph sections, for easier readability.

  5. Please make appropriate use of lower and upper case. Articles in all upper case will not be accepted.

  6. The IMGCA accepts articles in numerous formats and on multiple topics and issues. See the list of topics above.

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