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Top 15 Reasons To Be IMGCA Certified


An IMGCA certification as a Mental Game Practitioner can do a lot for your career, and for you personally. The IMGCA credential gives you the ability to open doors both professionally and financially. IMGCA certification grants you professional credentials that others don't have. Often certification is better than a degree for many people. Find out why it may be perfect for you. The IMGCA is ready to recognize your accomplishments, with an international third party endorsement of your knowledge and experience in a very exciting field.

Here are the Top 15 reasons to obtain a specialized credential in this exciting field.

1. Earn More Money

Certified individuals usually earn more money than their non-certified peers. More education and more training equals more money.

2. Get The Advantage Over Non-Certified Competitors

If you have a specialized certification, and your competitor does not, you know that will positively impact a decision by a potential employer or client. Your expert status will encourage clients to hire you over non-certified practitioners. Having a certification can give you that needed edge in the hiring wars. An employer then knows you're serious about your career, and that you are willing to put in extra time and money to get certified. The IMGCA certification designation after your name gives you instant credibility in the eyes of potential employers.

3. Certification Is Highly Customized – You Get Exactly What You Want

Most college degrees require you to take courses that you don't really want or need. Certification allows you to create your own personalized course of study with the exact content and skills you want to use in your business or career. All IMGCA courses are self-paced, allowing for individual differences in learning styles and preferences.

4. Certification Is Cheaper

What does a college degree cost? $100,000? $60,000? $30,000? Even a local community college degree is not cheap. Certification can cost less than one month's car payment. The value can last a lifetime. Certification is an investment that can bring immediate results.

5. Certification is Faster

It takes a minimum of four years of full-time study for an undergraduate college degree and another two years of full-time study for a graduate college degree. You can be certified in as little as a month, and begin using that advantage in the marketplace immediately.

6. You Don't Have To Quit Your Job

With a college degree program you may be working all day and going to school many nights a week, for years. Certification can easily be completed without turning your life upside down.

7. You Can Take Certification Classes At Home, At Work Or In Your Car

Starting college? You need to get to the classroom on campus for each class. Certification classes come to you. With a simple phone call or computer, you can be anywhere and enjoy the learning.

8. Certification Pays Off Faster Than A Degree

After a time investment of four full-time years for a college degree, how long would it take to recoup your investment of time and money? You can begin earning money back from a certification the day you graduate, and have it pay for itself in a few weeks.

9. Flexibility of Study

In taking college classes you need to attend the class at the time it is offered. You make your own class schedule with certification programs. You can't pause a college class-it just runs along with or without you. Certification classes give you the ultimate flexibility to start, pause, continue at any time...with no penalty.

10. Commitment to Excellence and Cutting-Edge Content

Being IMGCA-certified demonstrates your commitment to excellence and sends a strong message that you are a high-quality person. Certification is an easy way to stay on the cutting edge of the science and art of this field, using a very efficient delivery system. With IMGCA best-practices and innovative delivery of the newest content, you will be on the vanguard of the future of this field as it unfolds.

11. Boost Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Can you imagine how excited you will feel as you pass your certification and receive your diploma? Can you imagine the positive effect it will have on your confidence level, and in your abilities to work better with your clients, students and customers?

12. You May Get It for Free

Some companies, schools and organizations will pay for specialized certification training, because it brings value to their organization. Inquire within your organization, and you could complete your certification training at no cost to you. A number of our graduates have had their certification paid for by their companies.

13. You Can Show The World

Just like the professionals when you visit their offices, you can display a handsome certification diploma on your wall. You know the instant credibility doctors and lawyers achieve from having certificates on their wall. You can too.

14. Refresh Your Brain

Certification training can get your mental juices going again and prop up your weaknesses, as well as give you new strengths. You will learn how to assess yourself and others and devise creative solutions to the most vexing problems.

15. Certification Is Skill-Oriented, Not Theory-Heavy

Certification gives you specific practical skills and abilities, not useless theory, background and history. College degrees are famous for adding fluff classes that give you no practical value. Certification is specific, pragmatic and immediately useful on the job.


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