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Welcome To The IMGCA

Bill Cole, IMGCA President and Founder

Read this special message from the IMGCA Founder and President, Bill Cole, MS, MA.

The mission of the International Mental Game Coaching Association is to advance the research, development, professionalism, and growth of the discipline of mental game coaching worldwide.

The IMGCA was the world's first mental game coaching membership organization, created January 1, 2006, and is the only national or international mental game coaching membership organization in the world today.

The IMGCA is comprised of individuals and institutions interested in the mental aspects of sports, movement, health, fitness, business, the arts, achievement, work-life balance, stress control, and peak performance. IMGCA members come from all walks of life, and have varied backgrounds in sports performance, coaching, teaching, writing, business and consulting. They are professionals, students, parents, and interested observers of the mental game.

IMGCA membership includes 22 benefits including listings in our Coach Finder and Speakers Bureau pages, discounts, and access to exclusive articles and videos.

Bill Cole TV Interview - Ego Out Of Bounds

Bill Cole was recently interviewed by Kate Kilpatrick on the topic "Ego Out Of Bounds". Bill discussed problems of Tiger Woods and other top stars resulting from a culture of entitlement that's enabled by friends, family, coaches, teammates and the media. Watch a video of the interview (opens in a new window).

Bill Cole Radio Interview

Listen to IMGCA President Bill Cole, MS, MA being interviewed on SIRIUS radio on the Hardcore Sports Radio Channel from Toronto, Canada as he discusses mental game topics including his books "The Mental Game of Tennis" and "The Mental Game of Golf".

Bring The IMGCA To Your Town

The IMGCA can create a specialized Mental Game seminar, workshop, certification training or speaking program for your town, for small groups, teams or large audiences. This could be held at a club, health center, college or university, local school, tennis or golf club, corporation or other venue. For more details, for schedule availability and to determine topics, please contact the IMGCA.


See our comprehensive list of international resources in the mental game and related areas, including a selection of video resources.

IMGCA articles - mental game strategies and tips

IMGCA Accreditation

IMGCA Accreditation

The International Mental Game Coaching Association now offers accreditation to organizations, businesses and programs that have mental game training, mental game content, or a mental game vision of high excellence, best practices and professional standards.

Learn more about IMGCA Accreditation.

IMGCA News / Media Room

Bill Cole, MS, MA, is interviewed in Yahoo Health Magazine online for the article "A Triathlete Nun
Helped Me Get Over My Missed- Marathon
(October 22, 2014)

Patricia Hollowell is a new Level I Certified Coach. (May 26, 2014)

Jennifer Jenks, MSW, LCSW is a new Level I Certified Coach. (May 17, 2014)

Bill Cole, MS, MA, is interviewed as a sport psychology expert on the world's largest sports radio station talkSPORT, in London, England. (March 22, 2014)

Jephias Mundondo is a new Level II Certified Coach. (January 10, 2014)

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About The IMGCA

Take a quick tour of what the IMGCA is all about. Learn how you can become involved as a leader in the IMGCA.

IMGCA Certification

Get The Competitive Professional Edge!

IMGCA Mental Game Coaching ProcessThe International Mental Game Coaching Association certifies individuals at four levels as a Certified Mental Game Practitioner. The IMGCA courses of study include academic work and fieldwork, written work and a final project or examination. Candidates who successfully complete certification receive 34 premium benefits as long as they maintain annual certification. They also have the right to call themselves IMGCA Certified and display the IMGCA certification logo at their level of certification. The IMGCA certification training process takes place by phone, web and email. A private backroom area of the website is available to certification students and graduates, containing numerous resources including over 90 hours of recorded audio teleclasses and a library of over 500 videos.

See a list of 15 compelling ways IMGCA certification can give you that special edge (opens in new window - please close that window when finished).

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"The IMGCA mental game coach certification program is simply fantastic and has had a tremendous effect on my mental game."
–Kulwant Singh
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Ajmer, India

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"...After Level I training I am so confident I feel I could become the mental game coach of a major pro sports team."
–Dr. Lingappa S. Yuvaraj, St. Lucia, West Indies
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

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"... one of the best investments I have ever made. You can give a gift to yourself to reach your full potential! Go for it."
–Ing. Radek Sefcik, Slovakia
Level IV IMGCA Certified Mental Game Professional Coach

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"Bill's program has helped me immensely in all facets of my life."
–Chris Carr
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

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"Without any hesitation if you are interested in learning about mental game coaching this is the place to be."
–Alan Kane Dip K, APBP
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

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"The IMGCA Certification program has probably been the best investment I have ever made in terms of wanting to learn a practical way to teach the mental game."
–Kevin Nathaniel
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

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"Whether you've been coaching for 20 years or have just begun, Bill Cole and IMGCA certification training can and will help you utilize cutting-edge mental game approaches and make you a better coach."
–Phil DuBois
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

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"I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from you in our in-depth conversations. Your expertise in the subject I really believe is among the very best."
–Billy Fritz
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

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"...His achievements as an international mind coach, top-level champion athlete, and his background in academic sports psychology and clinical psychology work are infused throughout this training."
–Ashvin Soin
USPTA Certified Tennis Professional

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Get substantial discounts on IMGCA membership fees for associations, teams and groups when multiple people join. Details.


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The IMGCA has membership categories for everyone, and IMGCA membership is open to anyone, in any country.

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