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The International Mental Game Coaching Association

IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Coach

Earn the title of Certified Tennis Psychology Coach.

When you have the title of Certified Tennis Psychology Coach on your resume, website, and in your marketing, you command the respect of people who recognize you as an expert in tennis psychology.

The IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Coach Program is a highly specialized certification for individuals wishing to learn an in-depth set of learning and performance tools they can use in coaching juniors and adults in tennis.

This tennis psychology training program is for tennis players wanting to teach and coach others, for teaching professionals in tennis wishing to add a new specialization, and for high school and college tennis coaches wishing to add more in-depth knowledge and capabilities in tennis psychology.

This program can also be used to improve the tennis game of any player who wishes to strengthen their own mental approach.

This tennis psychology training certification course is delivered in a combination of audios, videos, written content and two hours of live private 1-1 telephone or video classes with Bill Cole, MS, MA, IMGCA Founder and President.

Students follow a self-paced program, take a series of simple quizzes on the audios and videos and complete a final exam. Upon graduation, each student is presented with a handsome diploma, suitable for framing, with the title of Certified Tennis Psychology Coach.

IMGCA Certification Graduation Certificate

Our tennis certification psychology students have access to over 30 hours of IMGCA pre-recorded specialty audio classes on tennis psychology and to a compilation of over 25 tennis psychology video resources. There is also a robust compilation of sports psychology and specialized tennis psychology content to read.

Total investment for tuition, and 24-7 access to all audios, videos, two live classes and written content in the IMGCA private backroom: $499 USD.

Content From Bill Cole's Book, The Mental Game Of Tennis

Bill's book The Mental Game Of Tennis is due to be published in 2019. Students in this IMGCA Tennis Psychology Certification program have access to the material found in this book.

The Mental Game of Tennis

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Excerpts from Selected Testimonials For Bill Cole's Mental Game of Tennis Coaching

"I was trained as a Level IV IMGCA Certified Mental Game Professional Coach by Bill Cole a few years prior. Bill helped me understand how to be a mental game coach to elite professional tennis players. My player-clients include top ATP and WTA players, Wimbledon Champions, Davis Cuppers and Federation Cuppers. When Bill told me about the new IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Coach Program launch, I knew I wanted that specialized knowledge as well. This program is "real-world" tennis psychology training, straight from the Professional Tennis Tours, where Bill has also coached. It's also aimed at helping coaches navigate the wide range of mental challenges that tennis players of all levels face. This awesome certification program is in-depth, cutting edge and 100% practical. Check it out!"

Radek Sefcik with no.6 ATP tennis player T. Berdych

Radek Sefcik, mental game coach of number 6 world-ranked ATP tennis player Tomas Berdych

–Ing. Radek Sefcik
Level IV IMGCA Certified Mental Game Professional Coach (CMGPC)
IMGCA Advisory Board Member
IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Coach (CTPC)
IMGCA Certified Golf Psychology Coach (CGPC)

"Bill Cole…has greatly helped improve our players' mental game and has provided us with much support, guidance, insights and mental strategies to help us succeed.

Bill is a very talented and deeply-knowledgeable mental game coach. His ability to help our players stay motivated, focused and on-track is just excellent…Bill really takes the time to understand people, to listen and to figure out what each person needs to achieve and excel. He is a master mental game coach."
–Oded Jacob
Captain and Coach
Israeli Davis Cup Team

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The IMGCA Tennis Psychology Certification Curriculum

The IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Coach Program is designed to give you both a broad overview and also a deep dive into this specialized area of tennis.

This program covers every facet of tennis psychology you will need to help your students overcome their mental obstacles and to help them grow and excel in tennis learning and performance.

Once you graduate you will have a robust tennis psychology knowledge base and a wide array of proven mental game tools and methods you can use to help your tennis students. If you are taking this certification program primarily to improve your own mental game, you will discover a multitude of ways you can "get out of your own way" to play better tennis.

To see what you will learn in this specialized tennis psychology program, see The IMGCA Tennis Psychology Certification Curriculum.

Bill Cole's Background in Tennis Psychology

Learn about Bill Cole's Background in Tennis Psychology, including working as a coach and advisor to numerous tennis professionals and amateurs.

Bill Cole's Mental Game of Tennis Workshop

Find out about Bill Cole's popular workshop, The Mental Game of Tennis.

Frequently Asked Questions About The IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Program

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Program, including differences between this prorgarm and the Level I Certification Program.

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IMGCA Certification Training programs are guaranteed.

You may make payments in installments.

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