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The International Mental Game Coaching Association

"I highly recommend Bill Cole if you want to learn the skills of teaching peak performance skills or get coached yourself. I am a board certified psychiatrist, and elite track coach, with an MA in exercise physiology and found Bill's teachings to be highly practical and relevant. He also has a wonderful style about meeting you where you are and helping you advance quickly. His experience, which he gladly shares, is second to none!"

–Armand Benjamin, MD
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Physician at Ventura County Behavioral Health Department,
Ventura, California

"In my 20 years as a volleyball coach I've attended numerous seminars and clinics through which I have gained valuable coaching techniques and strategies. However, the past five months of guidance and mentoring from IMGCA President Bill Cole have helped me gain knowledge and expertise beyond my expectations. Having gone through the IMGCA Mental Game Coaching Certification program during my coaching season, I was able to apply the mental strategies and techniques he suggested and immediately see the effects and positive results of his suggestions. Bill is professional, personable and always available for guidance and his encouragement to assess what I was currently doing from a new perspective gave me the support and courage I needed to try new ideas.

I would strongly recommend the International Mental Game Coaching certification program to anyone who is seriously interested in developing new and successful mental coaching strategies. It certainly made a positive and immediate impact on my volleyball program and I'm eager to share it with others."

–Suzanne Marble
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Head Volleyball Coach
La Conner High, Washington
Suzanne Marble's volleyball teams have won six state and academic championships, 13 league championships, nine district championships, with six top-ten state tournament finishes. She has been named Northwest A/B League Coach Of The Year a record 11 times, State Coach Of The Year three times, and All State Team Coach three times. Suzanne has taken her teams to an incredible 18 consecutive State Tournament appearances.

Kulwant Singh"The IMGCA mental game coach certification program is simply fantastic and has had a tremendous effect on my mental game. I can safely say that it has taken my tennis to the next level and most importantly, Bill Cole has equipped me with specific tools and techniques to help sportsmen achieve peak performance in their respective sport. I am an avid sportsman and have been a runner-up in my district tennis championship. Additionally, I am a former state level hockey player. My schooling has been from the prestigious Mayo College, in Ajmer, India, popularly known as 'The Eton of the East'. I have also represented the school team in hockey, soccer, cricket, squash and table-tennis. Currently my favorite sport is tennis and I am playing at a good level. I have been a part time tennis coach in my ex-school, helping young children look at sports and competition from a broader perspective. Tennis being more of a mental game, I wanted to make myself psychologically stronger to overcome my mental blocks and also to help young children enjoy and improve their game who very often get frustrated by over-exerting themselves, leading to 'Burn Out' in order to desperately reach the coveted top slot. This is when I found the IMGCA certification program run by Bill Cole and since then there has been no looking back.

Bill's program is simply excellent!! He has a deep insight on mental game coaching, and is inspiring, practical and supportive. Bill has specific tools and techniques for each aspect of mental game coaching which are easy to understand and apply.

The best part of the certification program is that it is tailor-made, customized and personalized to each student. It is not a 'one size fits all' which needs to be finished in a specified time limit. It is very flexible and student specific. The videos, audios and articles are all top class and easy to access.

Lastly and most importantly, the IMGCA certification program helps in achieving peak performance through understanding and reaching the 'zone' as often as possible. These zone conditions can be practiced and reached in doing our daily activities. This leads to doing things more passionately, excellently, with more awareness and in a focused way, avoiding unnecessary mental dissipation of vital energy. Surely a grand road to a better world!!"

–Kulwant Singh
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Ajmer, India

"I have been a Family Practitioner for three decades, and I decided to add a new specialty to my medical practice, mental performance coaching. I have no words to explain the levels of confidence and knowledge I have gained from IMGCA training. After Level I training I am so confident I feel I could become the mental game coach of a major pro sports team.

I am already utilizing mental game coaching methods in my practice.

Bill Cole is a magnificent director of mind, and he has created a winning environment for us to learn the concepts, skills and tools of mental game coaching. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Bill is a thought leader in the mental coaching world. He has been mental coach in over 75 sports, and has been mental coach or consultant to Olympic athletes who have won bronze, silver and gold medals.

The IMGCA certification program is a mental training encyclopedia. The private certification backroom area has hundreds and hundreds of articles, audios, videos, lectures, seminars, TV interviews and many mind-blowing subjects. There are over 80 hours of audio recordings alone. The learning never stops with my certification. Even though I have now graduated, I have continuous access to all this great mental game content, 24-7, and IMGCA is adding new material all the time. The IMGCA training program is incredibly comprehensive in its scope.

I am now confident I can assist many different types of sportspersons as a mental coach and I thank Bill for that. I thoroughly enjoyed level I training. I strongly recommend IMGCA certification to every coach and every athlete who wants to build a world-class mental approach."

–Dr. Lingappa S. Yuvaraj
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Family Practitioner, Obesity Consultant
St. Lucia, West Indies

Chris Carr on motorcycle in competition"For the past 10 years I have been in the motorcycle training business, educating more than 6,000 riders. In addition to my training school I have also been actively engaged in motorcycle road racing and long distance motorcycle competitions. I was extremely fortunate to get involved with Bill Cole, and his IMGCA certification training program. Bill's program has helped me immensely in all facets of my life. His extensive business experience was invaluable in helping me grow my business and secure more sponsorships for my motorcycle adventures. His mental game techniques have helped me to become a better motorcycle rider. I have discovered that I am much more prepared mentally, which translates to a better performance on the track. Along with his guidance I have become a better educator myself. I simply do not have the words to express my gratitude to Bill for his guidance, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any athlete who is looking for that performance edge."

–Chris Carr
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Professional Motorcycle Racer and Trainer
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Chris Carr put Buell Motorcycles in the world record book by riding from Key West, Florida to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 8 days, and in 2008 the same itinerary in 106 hours. He is the author of the book "Street Riding Secrets". In 2010 Harley Davidson USA asked Chris to be the first person to ride the brand new XR1200X, in the 7,000 mile Hoka Hey Challenge motorcycle rally, which started in Key West, Florida and finished in Homer, Alaska.

Alan Kane"My name is Alan Kane and I took the level I IMGCA mental game coaching with founder Bill Cole. I have been in a clinical Kinesiology practice for many years and also hold 2nd degree black belt in Korean martial arts. I have practiced martial arts for over 20 years. My passion is helping people to relieve pain from their body and improve performance, on physical, mental and emotional levels.

I undertook the training to broaden my knowledge of the mental game of "Life". I found the training and one to one coaching with Bill Cole to be absolutely without doubt excellent. I was able to gain a great understanding from our calls with Bill each week.

Bill is an expert in his field and can pitch the training at just the right level for each student. I found he met me perfectly with where I was on my learning and helped to accelerate me to certification very quickly.

I found the website material and archives to provide endless material for reference and also to help formulate trainings for my clients. Without any hesitation if you are interested in learning about mental game coaching this is the place to be, stop your search now and get on to the programme."

–Alan Kane Dip K, APBP
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Pain Relief Clinic

"I'm so pleased I chose IMGCA for my mental game coaching certification! Bill Cole exceeded my expectations as an instructor and facilitator.

Certainly, all that I have learned will enhance my coaching business. Bill's expertise and experience was evident in every phone conversation and email correspondence. He not only answered every question I had (and I had a lot!) throughout my training, but made sure questions were answered thoroughly and he gave specific scenarios and examples of what I may encounter while coaching. Bill helped me prepare a presentation where I received very positive feedback from athletes. I owe it to Bill for all the insight he gave me with public speaking and talking with a team versus a single client.

Bill customized my training to how I will be using it in the field. This was important to me because of the type of coaching business I have. There is such a wealth of information in the IMGCA certification program, it would be easy to be overwhelmed, but IMGCA has a Quick-Start Guide that directed me to the core, critical content, and I was able to rapidly get up to speed. There is so much deep content in the articles, checklists, audios and videos, that I will be coming back to the website for many months to come.

This certification process is excellent because you can access the materials online, anytime! I read articles daily, listened to teleclasses while cleaning the house and in the car. There are so many resources available aside from the one on one conversations with Bill. I plan on continuing my training with Bill to be certified in the higher levels of IMGCA because of the positive experience with IMGCA's program."

–Julie Merrick
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Camarillo, California

Radek Sefcik"I first heard about the excellent Bill Cole know-how from my coach Rodney King, so it was natural for me to check him out right away. Well, what can I say after JUST a couple of months of intensive coaching and the IMGCA education process? Simply brilliant stuff and outstanding overall approach!!! I immediately have been able to apply all the material in action, during special operations (police, military) training camps, and while coaching professional elite soccer players, and other world-class athletes.

Moreover, the IMGCA message is getting spread here in Slovakia like wild fire, and now even pro elite coaches are starting to pay attention (based on awesome results which they see first hand in action every day). I am starting to work with these coaches as well. I once again highly recommend you contact Bill Cole and see first hand about his fantastic know how. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made. You can give a gift to yourself to reach your full potential! Go for it."

–Ing. Radek Sefcik
Level IV IMGCA Certified Mental Game Professional Coach
Professional Special Operations Police / Military Coach
BJJ Brown Belt And Elite PCWA Coach

"The IMGCA Certification program has probably been the best investment I have ever made in terms of wanting to learn a practical way to teach the mental game. My time with Bill Cole was extremely enjoyable and productive. Not only did he help me understand the mental game further, but more importantly, he helped me outline a step by step approach to working with athletes. It only took a few minutes into the first training session for me to know that Bill Cole is committed to helping you excel as a coach.

Another wonderful aspect of the program was the fact that it wasn't a cookie cutter, one size fits all program. Bill worked with me one-on-one to be sure that he met me at the point of my need. The tips, strategies, and handouts that are provided only added an extra touch to an already great program. This certification will pay for itself if you simply apply what you learn throughout the training.

The IMGCA Certification program exceeded my expectations and I fully recommend it to anybody who is or wants to become a Mental Game Coach."

–Kevin Nathaniel
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Mental Strength Coach/Consultant
The CHAMP Factor
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Ryan Long"I had the pleasure of receiving my certification as a mental game practitioner from Bill Cole, Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association. Bill is a master at breaking down complex sport psychology terminology and techniques into plain language through the use of some very clever analogies that really hit home for me. He is very real in his approach in that he does not speak over your head, but instead listens to your questions and helps you develop a better understanding of the mental game and how you can be of assistance to increasing your client's performance in his or her sport. His professional and encouraging nature gave me the confidence that I could have an impact in this most important and often under-addressed realm in sports. For anyone looking to improve their skills in the mental game, the IMGCA certification program is very highly recommended."

–Ryan Long, MSW, CPT, SSC, CMPES
Certified Mental Game Instructor

"My IMGCA mental game certification training program has taught me, among many other lessons, that everything I do and say as a coach and teacher influences the behavior of the young athletes I have been given the privilege to work with. With Bill Cole's expert guidance I have become a more effective leader, communicator and coach/teacher-his mentorship has proven to be invaluable in my quest to develop confidence, focus and mental discipline in the young football players I work with. And in developing these mental skills the players have improved their on-field performance, which has equated to more success as a team-and they have also begun to transfer these skills to other areas of their lives, such as academics and social relations.

It has also provided me the tools to train other coaches to do the same with their players. As a result, I was asked to speak at a youth football coaches meeting, and have been asked to host a coaching clinic next spring. I have also been asked to speak to the coaches and players of a youth Lacrosse team, which tells me that IMGCA philosophies and mental training methods transcend any particular sport and can help both players and coaches develop skills and set and achieve goals that bring success both on an individual and team basis.

I've never met a coach who denied the relationship between an athlete's mental approach and his/her performance in practice and competition, and I strongly encourage and recommend the IMGCA certification program as a means to teaching themselves, other coaches, and the athletes they work with how to put the two together. English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said that "education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge". Whether you've been coaching for 20 years or have just begun, Bill Cole and IMGCA certification training can and will help you utilize cutting-edge mental game approaches and make you a better coach."

–Phil DuBois
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Former professional football player, NFL Washington Redskins
Longtime Youth Sports Coach
Springfield, Virginia. USA

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have gone through the IMGCA Certification process with you. As a past professional athlete, I wish I would have been smart enough to realize the benefits of the mental game. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from you in our in-depth conversations. Your expertise in the subject I really believe is among the very best. Your program was very beneficial in that I wasn't just given a manual and told to fill it out as I see in some certification classes. I was very interested in the process of learning and implementing the mental game and you have done a fantastic job in covering all the bases. I know this certification will put me on the right path to be able to teach the skills necessary for my students to achieve higher success in reaching their ultimate dreams. Thanks again for all your help!"

–Billy Fritz
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Former Professional Golfer
Dallas, Texas, USA

Ashvin Soin, USPTA Certified Tennis Professional"Attention all tennis coaches! I have found what you all have been looking for! This is a course that all coaches in all fields should consider taking if they want to be the best in their profession. Too many coaches focus on many aspects of their sport except the most important -- The Mental Game. If 90% of all sports is mental, then why aren't more coaches lining up at the door to learn the mental side of their sport?

Bill Cole is an expert in the Mental Game. His achievements as an international mind coach, top-level champion athlete, and his background in academic sports psychology and clinical psychology work are infused throughout this training. He gave me down to earth, practical tips and tools I am using now. The IMGCA certification training program bypasses the theory and fluff that many books have, and he customized my IMGCA program for what I need, now.

This certification will really help me gain more credibility and visibility in the tennis coaching and teaching world.

I wanted this training to learn how to deal with some critical issues in my teaching and coaching business: communicating with difficult personalities, managing big egos on a team, teaching concentration across all skill levels, creating rapport with new students, breath control, the inner game, helping people raise their personal awareness so they can change, how to make students self-accountable in lessons, how to motivate students and how to understand and teach the real fine points of the mental game.

I have been fortunate to learn parts of the mental game as a junior tennis player. However the Mental Game of coaching is very different from learning the mental game as an athlete. He has also helped me manage my ego while coaching. Like me, young coaches think they know everything. I have learned in the past few months that there is still so much to learn in becoming a great coach. Bill has taught me detailed techniques that will better prepare my students for the struggles they will face in a tennis match.

Because I am about to open a tennis academy and will be returning to coach a high school team this year, I will need many of the skills of the mental game that Bill has taught me. These skills are useful for individual coaching and for larger groups. In my mind you can't really call yourself a coach unless you have had some sort of mental game coaching!

Thanks Bill for everything! I can't wait for some of the situations we have talked about to appear so I can use my new coaching tools. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue learning all I can about the mental game!"

–Ashvin Soin
Director, Breakpoint Tennis Academy
USPTA Certified Tennis Professional
Saratoga, CA

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