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Advisory Board - Dr. Mario Garcia, Peak Performance Expert

IMGCA Advisory Board

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Mario Garcia, JD, D.Min., MBA, MCC, LMHC, Mental Game of Peak Performance Expert, Miami

Level IV IMGCA Certified Mental Game Professional Coach, Licensed Trainer in the IMGCA Certification Training Program and IMGCA Advisory Board Member

Dr. Mario Garcia, Peak Performance Expert
Dr. Mario Garcia
Executive & Business Results Coach
Strategic Intervention Coaching Academy
10751 SW 104th Street
Miami, FL 33176
Fax. 305-661-4790
Skype: drmariogarcia
Twitter: drmariogarcia

Dr. Mario Garcia is a Master Certified Coach (ICF); Board Certified Coach (CCE); certified and trained by one of the top peak performance coaches in the globe. He is an Attorney & counselor at law; business owner; conference speaker and professor of peak performance, leadership and psychology & clinical counseling with adjunct status at various universities in both English and Spanish languages. He is an International NLP Trainer, and Board Certified to train NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy Techniques, and Hypnotherapy.

He is a United States Army Captain (retired), served in various positions including aviation commander, recruiter, and acquisition research and development, and project manager for billion dollar contracts.

Dr. Garcia has been serving in the Miami area since 1999. His professional efforts focus on assisting entrepreneurs, corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, individuals, couples, families and work groups to productively identify, understand and address the issues that are influencing or shaping their lives, families, businesses and/or professions. In that regard, Dr. Mario is most professionally fulfilled when he is helping others resolve sensitive, complex, and important "people-related" issues, resulting in abundant living. He has been coaching since 1992 with over 20,000 clients in 55 countries in both English and Spanish languages.

He has received numerous awards, including Daily Business Review's Most Effective Lawyer for 2009; U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal 1993; Ten Outstanding Young American in Humanitarian Service, U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce 1990; Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World, in Moral Leadership, 1990; and the U.S. Army Humanitarian Service Medal.


Dr. Garcia has served in various positions of leadership from Sergeant in the United States Infantry to Aviation Company Commander. In 1990, he was awarded the Ten Outstanding Young American for Humanitarian Service by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce; and later that year received the 1990 Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World award in Moral Leadership, from Junior Chamber International. He attended the Junior Chamber International Leadership Academy sponsored by Japan Junior Chamber. He served as Chairman 1992 of the World Consortium for the Research and & Development of Training in the World Congress held in Miami, Florida, and was reappointed as Chairman of the Consortium in 1993 held in Hong Kong. In 1994, he served as JCI Vice President assigned to 10 countries in Europe, and in 1995 was elected to serve as Executive World Vice President of JCI for Europe, and presided the 1995 European Business Conference held in Strasbourg, France. Dr. Garcia was awarded lifetime membership in Junior Chamber International as JCI Senator #54234. He owns his private coaching business.


In the entrepreneurship environment, business start-ups, strategic planning, team building and planning, creative thinking, and conflict resolution are Dr. Garcia's areas of expertise. Mario has consulted with and/or provided coaching, and accelerated learning programs to over one hundred small to large organizations, teams, governmental entities, professional and trade associations, as well as community health organizations. He has facilitated leadership teams, boards and community groups to design a futuristic vision; to create action events and/or annual milestones; to understand and accept transformation; to open interlocution and resolve conflict; and to improve communication and teamwork. As a coach of "actor interlocution" Dr. Garcia regularly assists diverse teams to broaden their worldview on issues of great significance, and rewrite their narratives in order to meet clearly framed expectations. He is recognized as an International Training Fellow #4 by Junior Chamber International. Dr. Garcia is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), and Registered Mentor Coach (ICF); Founding Charter CCE Board Certified Coach, and Life Coach, Certified by the AG Coach Level 3; Certified Coach by Coach Training Alliance; received strategic intervention coach training with the Robbins Madanes Training Center in coaching master; and earned his Certification as Master NLP Practitioner and Coach. He serves as an Anthony Robbins Results Coach with clients all around the world, coaching in both English and Spanish languages, anytime, anywhere, anyplace!


In additional to his counseling and coaching, Dr. Garcia is Adjunct Professor in the Center for Counseling & Family Studies graduate program, and Liberty University, where, he has supervised students during their internship and taught psychology and counseling related graduate courses in individual counseling skills, pre-marital and marital counseling, crisis counseling, pastoral counseling, and integration of spirituality and theology in counseling. Additionally, Dr. Garcia is an adjunct professor of Congregational Relationships with Wesley Seminary (Seminario Wesley) masters of divinity program; Adjunct Professor of Health Law with St. Francis University; Adjunct Professor of Abnormal Psychology and Theories of Personality with Ashford University; and Adjunct Professor of Spirituality and Healthcare with Grand Canyon University College of Theology. Dr. Garcia's teaching experience spans twenty-five years for several universities, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in ethics, leadership, medical sociology, business law, health law, health care marketing, abnormal psychology, temperament theory and therapy, spirituality in healthcare, clinical pastoral education, and individual and group psychology.


Dr. Garcia earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School Of Law; Ph.D. in Psychology from Capella University; Post Doctorate Certification in Neuropsychology from Fielding Graduate University; Theology Masters in Theology & Church History and his Masters of Divinity from Liberty Theological Seminary & Graduate School; Master of Laws, Health Law, Loyola University of Chicago; and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management from Golden Gate University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business from Excelsior College. He is a retired U.S. Army Captain; licensed to practice law in Florida, New York, District of Columbia, and Federal Courts, to include the United States Supreme Court. He has completed the Florida Supreme Court Family Certified Mediation Training program and is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor; Nationally Certified Psychologist; National Certified Counselor; Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor; ICF Professional Certified Coach; and CCE Board Certified Life Coach.


Daily Business Review's Most Effective Lawyer for 2009; U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal 1993; Ten Outstanding Young American in Humanitarian Service, U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce 1990; Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World, in Moral Leadership, 1990; U.S. Army Humanitarian Service Medal.


Married 37 years to the former Wanda I. Rodriguez, Dr. Garcia and Wanda have three adult children and seven grandchildren, and they make their home in Miami, Florida. Related Web References:

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