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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


Cerebral Tips for Improving Your Golf Game

Cerebral Tips for Improving Your Golf Game(NewsUSA) - When you're on the green, the power of your mind may be as valuable as the power of your golf club.

Mental toughness is key to achieving success in any sport, but with its emphasis on form and extreme precision, the game of golf represents an especially cerebral activity. There's a common belief that golf is 90 percent mental, and many experts are quick to agree.

"Everyone wants to beat the scoring barrier that they have established for themselves," said Scott Schneider, vice president of instruction for Las Vegas Golf Schools. "These barriers are created by past experience and emotion, and can be overcome by understanding the mental side of playing golf."

Schneider offers the following tips for honing your mental toughness and improving the overall success of your game:

* Forget your score and just play. Avoid keeping score in your head and don't let your playing partners tell you if you're ahead or behind. This will keep your mind calmer and more focused, thereby helping you avoid the faults that may come from nervousness or stress.

* Practice like you play. How many times have you hit the ball great on the range only to go to the course and fail to repeat your earlier success? As you practice, imagine playing different holes in different types of situations. This will prepare you for those situations when they really matter.

* Think in the present. It's important to train your mind to forget about your last shot or any future holes. Concentrate exclusively on the shot at hand.

* Consistently exercise your mental toughness. Practice is always key to success. Consider enrolling in golf schools that take the mental side of the game into account. Programs like the Las Vegas Golf Schools emphasize the golfer's thought process as well as risk-reward strategies, all key ingredients in preparing you for success.

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