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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


The Mental Game (Part 1)

Bob Power

Welcome. Does this sound familiar? Shooting over 100 every round, spending time in the woods looking for lost balls, flubbing shots, and generally leaving the golf course in a frustrated state of mind. Well don't feel bad, you're in good company with most weekend golfers. The question is what do you want to do about it?

My name is Bob Power and I used to play golf just as I described above. My wife and myself started playing about five years ago. Although my game improved ( I thought I was better than I was), I still needed to make some drastic changes to, not only play the type of game I wanted, but to also enjoy the game more as well. Many nights on the way home from the course my wife would ask me why I play if I didn't enjoy it. I would say that I loved to play golf, and she would say, "Well you'd never know it by your lousy attitude." Then of course I would get mad and tell her she was totally wrong. Well, she was wrong about me loving the game, but totally right about my lousy attitude towards it.

About two years ago I was shooting well over 100 each round and losing balls on a regular basis, not to mention my frustration level was at an all time high. One day I resolved to improve my game, but instead of starting with the technical part of the game, I started with the mental and physical part of the game. When I watched golf shows on TV I began listening to the pros and expert teachers about the proper approach to the game. I started watching more programs on improving the physical aspect as well. What I wanted was a good mental picture of what golf was, before I started to improve the technical.

What I went through was a two year re-learning process. A short time really when you think about the learning curve for golf. What I found out was that with the right physical, nutritional and mental approach, the learning curve decreases drastically. The technical side becomes easier to comprehend and to put into practice.

What follows is a practical guide that I used to improve my scores from over 100 per round to shooting in the high 70s and low 80s consistently and to improving my enjoyment of the game. All I hope is that you can take one thing out of these articles and improve your game as I did. Thank you, and enjoy your round.

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Bob Power lives in Canada with his wife of 30 years and is an educator in an institution of higher learning. When not playing he is researching the basics of golf and how to teach the simplicity of the game through the "Back To Basics" approach to the game. To ask Bob any questions or to pass on any comment please e-mail him at

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