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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


Golf Mental Game

Think Your Way to a Better Golf Game for Duffers

Wayne Hudler

If you are an avid golfer, you must know that just a good swing will not get you anywhere in this game. At times, you must have been confused at why things go wrong when you have practiced your skills and are equipped with the best available equipment.

Well, apart from the game of golf, has your coach ever taught you the golf mental game? Experts refer to mental preparation involved in golf as "being in the zone". If you notice the best of golfers in action, you will find them completely focused and extremely calm under pressure. They are always in a position to make decisions with a calm demeanor even if millions of dollars are at stake.

I started enjoying my game of golf only after I learned the ropes of the golf mental game. I did have the best of equipment and spent hours practicing at the greens. Come a tournament and I did not perform at all. I was an utter failure until I decided to work on my mind control. The results were surprisingly great. Though not an expert, today I am a golfer to be reckoned with.

Golf mental game is thus not only for pros. Mental training is absolutely essential especially if you are playing against a very talkative opponent who keeps asking question or cracking jokes when you are about to make that crucial move.

As you browse around, you can find many books written on how to think your way to a better golf game. Experts have conducted an in-depth research on sports psychology after deeply studying the moves and styles of champions. They have come to the conclusion that golf mental game is definitely what sets experts apart from the rest.

Mental training helps golfers develop various necessary traits. One of the most important traits is the ability to focus by tuning out the voices of others around and background noises such as the lawn mower or a plane flying overhead. No matter what the environmental condition is, you will be able to focus on your swing. In other words, you will never be distracted by anything.

Golf mental training also helps develop the ability to tune out internal distractions. Distractions such as emotions and thoughts also prevent players from focusing on shots. Negative emotions that greatly hinder your game include fear of failure and insecurity.

One of the most important traits required for a good golf mental game include stress management. Stress management in golf is all about learning how to keep your adrenalin rush and excitement under control. Have you ever experienced winner's jitters? Just as they are about to finish the game, some golfers stumble in the last few holes. Exercises such as deep breathing can help greatly with this issue.

Golf mental game is all about developing great confidence even as you are aware of your weaknesses. It is a good idea to tape your practice game and notice flaws to correct them as this will give you enough confidence to go to the actual game.

Golf mental coaching makes a much bigger difference to your game than you might first think. Investigate which program would work best for you here: Golf Mental Game

Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer. He partners with Dooley Duffer over at Dooley Duffer Golf where they are devoted to helping ordinary golfers (duffers) improve every aspect of their games.

Dooley's Dialog is an interesting free weekly golf newsletter offering news, tips, drills and more. Receive a complimentary copy of "The Duffers Report: A Duffer’s Guide to Better Iron Play" when you subscribe. Learn more at: Dooley Duffer Golf

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