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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


Golf Mental Toughness - How To Beat Better Golf Players

John Davenport

Do you feel nervous or scared when playing against a player who is better than you? If you do and let that feeling capture your mind then you have already lost the mental golf game to your opponent even before you hit your first ball.

Here is a mental golf game plan that will help you and give you a fighting chance to beat a golfer who has a better mechanical game than you have at present. If you get intimidated, just try to be happy. Your golf mental game can be corrected very quickly if you concentrate on it.

Top level athletes exude an aura of confidence and invincibility. No player howsoever great he/she may be is invincible at all times. However this false aura of invincibility intimidates their opponents and increases their mistakes.

Here are some mental golf tips: while on the golf green tell yourself that I am not going to let anybody intimidate me. Steel yourself and make up your mind that you are not going to lose the golf mental game to your opponent regardless of how top ranked he/she may be. Dislodge your opponent from your mind and play your natural game. Always try to stay focused on your game. A positive attitude on the mental golf battlefield is half the battle won. Have a cheerful spirit when you come to the ground. Don't go by handicaps alone for no player is too strong for you. Experts believe that a careful preparation gives a golfer the mental golf edge in tournaments. The frame of mind of players can contribute a lot to the outcome of his game. Keep in mind that you have it in you to win the match. It will do wonders for your play and you will definitely be richer by the experience at the end of the day.

In any golf tournament the top seeded golfer expects to win and maintain his unbeaten record. However, if the field is playing him close, doubt often creeps into his game. As an opponent you can increase your chances of winning by playing him close. Top notch golfers are humans after all and doubt will creep into their game. The moment the top billed golfer begins to doubt himself, his game will weaken and he may even miss sitters or the easiest of holes.

Once your opponent starts looking over his shoulder, you are in with an inside chance. You have to play your game and forget about your opponent. The mental golf game is easy. Have fun and enjoy your game of golf. Remember you can really go a lot of places with a relaxed mind and flawless technique.

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