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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


Golf Mental Tips To Help You Lower Your Handicap Faster

Jitender Zaman

The game of golf can be a very rewarding game to play however it can also get frustrating if you are trying to reduce your handicap. The mental game of golf is an important part of the game to learn in order to shoot lower scores. Mastering the mental game can help every level of golfer from the beginner to the seasoned professional.

There are many aspects to the mental game. Building and maintaining confidence are critical when it comes to becoming the best golfer you can be. What is confidence when it comes to your golf game? It is simply knowing that every time you step over the ball you will be able to execute the shot you want. Does this mean that every shot will go as you planned? Absolutely not. However this way of thinking will produce the most consistent swing that you are capable of making and will give you the best results overall.

Maintaining confidence can be a great challenge especially since in the game of golf most shots simply do not end up the way you want them to. Even professionals at the highest levels constantly mishit shots and miss their targets. Perhaps the best way to stay confident is to focus on your successful shots and block out or forget the missed shots. This is not an easy task so be patient and give yourself some time to learn this skill.

You need to make a habit of remembering your best shots on a regular basis. Take some time each day and remind yourself of some of the best shots and putts you have ever made. Also picture yourself getting better and hitting the ball more solidly and making more putts in the future. It is important to note that while the mental game can make drastic improvements to your golf score it cannot substitute discipline and good practice habits.

You must still maintain a commitment to regular practice in order to maintain good mechanics. If you are looking to become a professional golfer then there will come a point where in order to improve and become a tournament winner you must master the mental game. This is the part of the game that separates the champions and you must focus on this part continuously.

It is important to monitor your thinking on a regular basis and you must ask yourself whether or not a particular thought you have about your golf game will help to build confidence or deteriorate it. Replace all negative thoughts about your game with positive ones that will help you to be more confident the next time you step over the ball. Course management is an important part of the game and this is primarily a mental aspect of golf.

Do not get caught up with trying to hit the flashy shots. Always hit the shot you know in your gut you can execute. Never step over a shot if you doubt your ability to execute it. Perhaps the best way to think just before the execution of any golf shot is to keep the mind silent and sharply focused on a target. Simply select an appropriate target before any golf shot and then focus on that only as you make the shot.

Do not think about swing mechanics or how you missed the last putt or even how you made the last putt. Try to keep the mind quiet and focused on the target and the target only. Do not try hard or strain yourself to stay focused but if you find other thoughts entering your mind just gently return your focus back on the target and then let your mind and body work on autopilot to execute the shot the best way possible based on your level of skill. Follow some of these golf mental tips to help you lower your handicap.

Improving at the game of golf can be a great challenge. Learn some tips about the mental game of golf which may have the biggest impact in lowering your handicap.

Jitender Zaman is an online researcher, avid golfer and regular contributor to a site on golf tips. Be sure to visit the section on putting tips to help you reduce your handicap

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