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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


Mental Golf Game

How to Make Yourself Better Simply By Changing How You Think on the Course!

Benjamin Robert Ehinger

Your mental golf game is very important to the scores that you post when you play, however it probably has been neglected for quite some time. There are some very simple tricks you can use to help you get to where you are trying to go with your mental game. This is very important to lowering your golf scores, making more putts, and taking less penalty strokes. If you want to beat your buddies on the course or play better in tournaments, then you need a strong mental golf game and here are some tips to help you out.

1. Your Pre Shot Routine

Many golfers do not have a pre shot routine or they simply do not keep it consistent. This could be a simple as one practice swing, then setting yourself and swinging. There is a lot more to it on the mental side, however, and this is your chance to get your mind out of the way before you decide to hit the ball. Make sure you are thinking of the shot you want to hit in a very positive way and make sure you do exactly that.

2. The Mental Golf Game Summary

Every single time you have a thought in your head it affects your golf game. It could be as simple as thinking about a short putt and thinking you have not missed one in a while. Guess what this type of thought will bring? That is correct you will probably miss that putt and that is because you had your mind in the wrong place. You should have been thinking about the ball going into the cup and making the noise we all love when it hits the bottom of the cup.

3. Taking your mind out of your swing

One thing you can do to help take your mind out of your swing is to make sure you have a phrase that separates your thinking about the shot and your executing the shot. It could be as simple as taking a deep breathe and saying to yourself, "Let's Go", then stepping up and firing away with your swing. Once you do this for a while you will get used to it and your mind will be easier to shut off and will get out of the way more often.

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