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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


Play Golf in Bed to Improve Your Game

The Golf Bandit

I am always looking for new and easier ways to play better golf. So imagine my delight when I dreamed up this way of improving my game.

I was just lying in bed one Sunday morning dozing and dreaming about playing a great round in the competition coming up that afternoon.

For no really good reason I decided that it would be fun to play a round of golf in my head. So up I got on the first tee and that's where it happened. As I was addressing the ball in my mind's eye I suddenly thought "hang on a moment; how about, instead of just watching the ball fly around the golf course, I watch myself actually playing the shots!"

Let me tell you that when I first tried this I was shocked by the way that I kept losing balance as I strove to hit the ball long distances. The question that kept coming into my mind as I watched myself was: "Do I really look like that?"

It was pretty shocking to see the way I was swinging the club. Actually, I'll rephrase that - it was shocking the way I was trying to club the ball around the course.

Right then and there I jumped out of bed and went downstairs and put on a golf instruction video. I watched intently for about half an hour and then I went back up to bed and started to visualize myself swinging exactly like the instructor.

I have to tell you that it didn't work for me that first time when I tried it. The problem was that I didn't really like the instructor's swing. I thought he looked a bit 'chunky' and 'clumsy'.

So what I did next was to watch a big tournament on TV. By the end of a day spent like a couch potato I had picked out my man. A few minutes research on the Internet and I had ordered a copy of his instruction video.

The moment the package arrived I played the whole video from end to end twice without stopping. I just couldn't wait for bedtime so I could doze off and start visualizing myself swinging like my new hero.

A few days later I had perfected the art of seeing myself swinging like my hero, shot after shot, hole after hole. All I had to do was close my eyes and there I was swinging far more elegantly and with good balance. The ball ripped out over the smoothly cut turf. I couldn't wait to get to the golf course.

For the first few holes I was just too excited, my whole body motor was running too fast for anything to work. Then for another few holes I was disappointed and disillusioned. But for the last seven holes of that round I managed to relax and just let the pictures in my mind play the shots and wow, what a difference!

It was not long after that when people started to call me a Bandit. I love to be called a Bandit, it means I am winning and that's what my web site at is all about.

The Golf Bandit believes that anyone - including you - can become a Winner at Golf. He didn't pick up a club until he was 40 years old, but now he wins so often that other golfers call him a Bandit. God bless them! He learned the hard way, cursing and swearing his way around hundreds of courses, so he understands how difficult you find the game, BUT he can assure you, there are ways to make winning easier. In his blog and on his web site he tells you how:

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