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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


Improve Your Golf Game Using the
Unlimited Power of Your Imagination

Michael Black

Today, it seems that many people are all too familiar with what they can't do. We need to spend more time and thought on what we CAN do. Many of us cannot afford to stop, think and imagine the possibilities that lay before us. The human mind is the most valuable resource that we have, and we can use it to fashion any outcome we desire. Take this man's story:

A Vietnam War veteran, after surviving the horrors of the Vietnamese P.O.W. camps, was asked by a reporter how he managed to survive the ordeal. His response was that he played an imaginary 18 holes of golf everyday inside his head. It became a habit. You see, this man was avid golfer prior to our entrance into the conflict, and as a way of dealing with the stress, he retired to his own personal golf course in his mind. In his golf course he visualized all the details he could; from the direction of the wind to the color of the grass, and each day he would play his 18 holes. The part of this story that applies to the topic at hand comes when he was finally released and returned to the United States after several years of captivity. He discovered when he was able to play his first game of golf in close to a decade, that his swing and ability had remained VIRTUALLY unchanged! He played golf as though he had never missed a day on the course... He was as good as he ever was!

This story is not only a testament to this soldier's determination in the face of adversity, but it is also an excellent example of the tremendous power and potential of the human mind. That said, I wish to introduce you to a concept I call the Power of Imagination.

Now, I can already hear some of you out there saying that imagining things is a child's game -- not to be played by adults. I assure you that utilizing the power of your imagination is anything but childish. Many famous entertainers, athletes, and even generals have used this power to achieve virtually anything they set their minds to. You can use this power to achieve your goals as well.

When using the Power of Imagination in golf, you should attempt to mimic the same process that the soldier used. You will want to find a nice quiet place, close your eyes, and relax. Next, you must vividly imagine yourself on the golf course. On your golf course you will know every minute detail. Is there a bird chirping to your left? What club are you using, and how far are you from the pin? What direction is the wind blowing and how fast? What kind of clothing are you wearing? Vividly imagine all the other details of the surrounding area. Each of these images are things you will need to know to make this technique work to your utmost advantage.

Once you have your golf course completely visualized within your mind you will now commence to play. On every stroke you will imagine the game as close to the real thing as possible.

Here is the key: As you play through this course you will visualize yourself playing perfectly, every shot exactly where you want it and you never miss. Science has shown that our body cannot distinguish between a real experience and one that is VIVIDLY imagined. To intensify the affect of this technique you should determine a schedule of at least 30 minutes each day at the same time. This schedule will allow your mind to operate at peak efficiency when using your Power of Imagination. By playing golf in this manner, your body and mind will train itself to perform well and expect success. The more you use this technique the more you will see reality conform with your mind's Power of Imagination.

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