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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Golf


The Wheel of Golf Success

The Golf Bandit

Good sports coaches work on The Wheel of Success. There are four arcs to The Wheel of Success:

1.Hard Work makes people more Confident.
2.Confidence enables them to Win.
3.Winning is Enjoyable.
4.Enjoyment makes Hard Work easier.

And so the wheel goes round and round and success comes more and more often.

The point is that Winning starts with Hard Work.

What I know from playing a lot of golf over many years is that most golfers do not work very hard at their game. They go out to play with hope in their hearts. But they have not spent much time on the practice ground or at the driving range. They do not practice chipping and putting save for a few putts before each round.

Be honest with me now - how much do you spend on new equipment each year? How much do you spend on lessons each year?

I would be prepared to bet that the average golfer spends at least twice as much on golf equipment as he/she spends on lessons.

Yet lessons and practice are the hard work of golf. It is the time spent grinding out balls down the range that groove a golf swing. It is grooved golf swings that produce low scores.

So, why are golfers so averse to spending time at practice?

The first and most obvious answer is time. Most golfers play for recreation so when they have time to play they want to play not practice.

However, if you choose to change your attitude and learn to regard practice as fun it can help a great deal. Practice will still lack the sociability of a round of golf, but then again you can find a practice partner to make it more fun and possibly help you by pointing out obvious faults in your swing.

The point is that you need to reach a level where your confidence in your ability to hit adequate shots rises.

The only alternative to practice is to develop good Mind-Movies during which you can rehearse your swing and groove it into your mind until the pictures are so clear that it will automatically reproduce itself out on the course in the heat of battle.

Grooving a swing by Mind-Movies is a specific technique which you will need to study in considerable depth if you want to reach a level of expertise where you can rely on it to help you improve your game.

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The Golf Bandit believes that anyone - including you - can become a Winner at Golf. He didn't pick up a club until he was 40 years old, but now he wins so often that other golfers call him a Bandit. God bless them! He learned the hard way, cursing and swearing his way around hundreds of courses, so he understands how difficult you find the game, BUT he can assure you, there are ways to make winning easier. In his blog and on his web site he tells you how:

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