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With Success as an Option,
Why Choose an Alternative?

Andrew Poole

At the start of each and every day when we first wake up we have a choice. We have the choice as to how our day could be, We can choose to be positive and upbeat about what the day ahead holds for us or we can think the worst and expect it to bring us more of the same in a 'life goes on' kind of way and we'd better just accept it and get on.

There's no shortage of upbeat people with motivational messages telling us to be positive and with a positive outlook we'll be successful if only we believe it. The various media are full of them. But how many of us think that those people are talking to us or that their message has a meaning for us?

When you think about it though, who else would they be speaking to? The positive, upbeat and successful people don't need to hear it, they already know it and get on and live it. It's the other people, the rest of us who take the view that success is only for other people, who are the ones who need to hear these messages.

I know, I've been there. Some time ago I'd started to think that perhaps this was how my life was going to be and that I'd better accept the hand fate had dealt me.

One day though, I was talking to a friend and this subject came up during the conversation. My friend then told me that I was in charge of how my life was and how it would be, not anyone else, and that this was true for everyone. The successful people don't have a different gene, they just recognise that they are in the position to determine how their life will be. It was a matter of choice. Each day when I wake up I have the choice to believe that today is going to be a good day for me and that I will do all that I can to make things work for me, or I can believe the alternative and let it turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This may sound too simplistic and that success isn't just about a frame of mind or a belief; that in reality it's about talent, resources, skills and a host of other things. This is of course true to some extent but sometimes success is about being in the right place at the right time irrespective of the other factors and as we never know in advance when and where that place or time might be, we need to be ready and prepared for it. Being in the right frame of mind means being positive and expectant so that if that opportunity comes along, you'll recognise it and seize it.

Having the right attitude about how you want your day or life to be is the most important first step on the road to success. A lot will need to happen after that but it's surprising how a positive mental attitude can be the catalyst for all sorts of things kicking off. What is almost certain is that not having a positive outlook and a strong belief will almost certainly reduce your chance of achieving success to zero.

When you look at the successful people and think that you have nothing in common with them and that's why you'll never be a success, the simplest thing you can do to put yourself on an equal footing with them is to have the same positive mental attitude as them.

So, tomorrow morning when you wake up and you're presented with the choice of how you want your day to be, which option are you going for?

Andrew Poole is a qualified Life-Coach with a goal of helping people reach their full potential. For access to free materials on achieving success, please visit his website.

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