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Super Mind Power - Release Your Hidden Power

Ronald Yip

As long as you have the believe and the will power to back it up, you can do practically anything that your mind can conceive.

Skeptical about mind power? Ask yourself, why cancer patients who were given placebo pills got well? Placebos are just plain pills without medicinal properties and with no physical healing capabilities. So how did those patients get well?

Patients were told that these pills contained the highest amounts of cancer-fighting ingredients which could effectively cure them in a matter of days. As a matter of fact, the power to heal came from their thoughts.

Because they wanted to be healed and believed that their health would be restored. Their subconscious minds then registered the belief that these pills will cure them of their illnesses. In the process, the belief embedded within their subconscious became reality.

See how fantastic your mind power is? So how can you use your mind to achieve your dreams? One of the most effective ways is to use the "as if" principle. Act as if you are the person you want to be. Visualize and act as if you are already in possession of whatever you long to have.

Know what exactly you want to be? You want to be a lawyer, athlete, doctor, or an actor? Think, act, and feel like one. Always keep your goal in mind. Be constantly in touch with your objective an you'll be much closer to your goal. Be like a lawyer, a doctor, an athlete, an actor. Be obsessed with your dream. You can be stronger, braver, smarter, stand taller. However, don't try to fly out the window if you want to be Superman - that's not a good idea at all!

Acting as though you are what you want to be is not enough. You have to actually behave and act differently and do what needs to be done. Don't get so lost in your world of fantasy that you forgot take some necessary action to make things happen. Actualize your purpose not just in your head but in the real world. Encourage yourself with your own vision and motivation.

Don't be far too preoccupied with our worries, anxieties, and negative emotions. This can adversely affect the state of our health, fostering stress-induced conditions and diseases. In some situations, white lies have been used to ease burdens of doubt or persuade others to do what they believed was unattainable.

Consider the case of this weight lifter who could never lift more than 300 lbs. Regardless of how hard he tried, he could not manage more. So one day his coach devised a clever plan. He told his weight lifter that the barbell in front of him weighed only 295 lbs. The weight lifter went to the barbell and with all his might, managed to lift it and put it above his head. After he put it down, the coach told him that he had just lifted 350 lbs. of weight!

It's often true we can do what we think we can't, if we change what's in our heads. There's an old saying: "Fortune favors the prepared mind. "I you think you can you can. If you think you can't, it is almost certain that you can't. It's all in the mind!

A famous person once said, "Whenever you think you can or you can't, you're right."

If you don't want to be poor, then you must not think you are poor. You must properly re-condition your beliefs and thoughts into a positive, rather than a negative, mindset. Sure it's hard to think rich if your environment is not conducive to such way of thinking. No problem, use your imagination, it's free! Visualize your house to be a mansion, your old car to be a limousine... and do it often. Use your mind to expand the possibilities. You get the picture.

There is absolutely no limit to what the mind can achieve. But you have to combine belief, will power, and action with positive thinking and a positive mindset in order to arrive at your intended destination.

Ronald Yip has been learning and applying intuitive and creative processes in personal, business and community life - developed self improvement programs, helping people to change. Visit Self Help Program for more info.

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