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5 Tips To Create Positive Changes To Your Life

Christopher Green

As we settle into the New Year, millions of good intentions and ambitions to make this a better year have already been abandoned. It's an annual triumph for fear, as it knows that the hope and exuberance of New Year celebrations will subside and things will carry on in pretty much the same way.

Fear of change is the main obstacle to overcome here and millions of people are so frightened of it they avoid change like the plague. Here's 5 ways to create life-enhancing growth so 2006 will be the year you changed your life for the better.

1. Decide firmly to embrace change. If you decide to wrap yourself up in a cocoon to hide from change, you will never achieve any of your dreams. Change is the only way to grow. Break free from the cocoon and open yourself up to the new possibilities change will bring.

2. Now you're ready to decide exactly HOW you want your life to be. Spend at least one hour a day thinking about the changes you want to bring about in your life and commit your ideas to paper. Give serious thought so you can work out in detail what you truly want to do with your life. Know this: within your mind is where the seeds of change are sown. Everything you want to do has to first come from thought.

3. Once you've decided on your wants, set goals. It is absolutely vital that you commit your thoughts to paper in the form of goals. Goals are the building blocks of dreams and you will achieve your dream one block at a time. A great idea is to set the final objectives and then work backwards to establish each required action.

4. Time for action. It is this point where fear rears its ugly head and spoils the dreams of millions. Do not listen to your fears. Muster your courage and have the determination to take action. A great way to do this is to just spend one hour a day working on your first goal. Get used to bringing about small changes and you'll develop the confidence and ability to effect greater and greater change.

5. Recognize that your fear will try and stop you from creating change at every possible moment. Make a firm resolution here and now to not let it stop you. Fear only exists in one place - your mind. Make 2006 the year you conquer fear and create the life you truly desire. People who achieve their dreams all have one thing in common: they felt fear but they had the courage and determination to conquer it. You can do it to.

This year can carry on like previous ones or it can truly be YOUR year. You have the power to choose how it will be. Use your power.

Chris Green is the author of the new book "Conquering Fear", a special program which will show you how to conquer fear and attract greater happiness, success and prosperity into your life. To get your FREE e-course, please go to =>

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