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Refer to IMGCA Certification for prices and additional details.
1. How did your interest in the mental game develop?
2. What are the various ways IMGCA certification will help you? How will you be using your IMGCA certification? Will it be to enhance your current job, to start a new career, to start your own business, to deepen your knowledge and skills, to help your children, to volunteer, to secure a new job, or for other reasons?
3. If you have a background as a participant in sports, music, dance, public speaking, drama, art or any other discipline or competitive arena, please provide an overview of these activities.
4. If you have a background as a coach, teacher, consultant, trainer, speaker, writer, official, administrator or organizer, in any field, please provide an overview of these roles.
5. If you have experience with any mind-body disciplines such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, the inner game, relaxation training, hypnosis, NLP, visualization or imagery, please provide an overview of these.
6. Please describe any undergraduate work, graduate work, other classes, degrees, certifications, licenses, or training you have received in fields OTHER THAN mental game coaching.
7. If you are working outside the home, in what field are you now working, and what is your current position?
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Thank you very much for submitting your application to IMGCA. We will let you know when we receive your application and we will notify you in a few days about a decision regarding your candidacy. If we have any additional questions, we will contact you by email.

Feel free to email us anytime with any questions you may have. Our door is always open to you.

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