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The International Mental Game Coaching Association

Bill Cole, IMGCA President and founderWelcome to The International Mental Game Coaching Association! The IMGCA is proud to have you as a visitor.

As the leading mental game coaching association worldwide, the IMGCA keeps an eye to the future, responding to the exciting challenges of a global, interdependent, multicultural, and technologically advanced society. Our aims are to provide the most extensive collection of information about the mental game to the general public and to provide the best educational and professional experience for each of our members. Our programs are constantly evolving to meet global 21st-century advancements.

The mental game addresses every mind-body issue imaginable in business, sports and life. A mental game practitioner can assist individuals, groups, teams and organizations achieve excellence in these broad arenas:

  1. Awareness
  2. Learning
  3. Development
  4. Change
  5. Habit Formation
  6. Performance
  7. Health Issues and Injury Recovery
  8. Coaching, Mentoring, Managing and Leading

Mental game coaching is applied psychology around the mind-body connection, in a wide variety of disciplines. Mental game scientific knowledge and practical clinical expertise allow practitioners to elevate their work to an art form.

These are just some of the people who use mental game theories and applications in their work and recreation: Coaches, teachers, athletes, parents, sports officials, sports administrators, trainers, mind-body practitioners, researchers, health and fitness experts, medical professionals, movement specialists, counselors and psychotherapists, sport psychology consultants, the media, hypnosis professionals, personal and professional coaches, chiropractors, martial arts trainers and more.

If you are a member of the media, we are always pleased to help you with background, quotes or consultation for your articles and other projects. We have numerous experts available to answer your questions.

There are many opportunities to become involved in IMGCA, at many levels, as a volunteer, association leader, article author and others.

We hope you will find the mental game strategies in our hundreds of articles educational, practical and thought-provoking. We have active links to a world-wide network of over 250 sports and mind-body associations, journals, magazines, institutes and colleges and universities. The IMGCA Advisory Board is comprised of mental game experts from around the globe. We offer IMGCA memberships in five categories, with over 20 member benefits. You can benefit from the IMGCA, even if you are not a member, by visiting often to read the new articles we add each month.

Explore our website to see the excellence that the IMGCA has to offer, whether you are seeking to enhance and diversify your coaching, teaching, consulting or practitioner career, seeking information on the latest mental game research and best practices, or discovering the benefits of becoming IMGCA Certified as a Mental Game Practitioner at any of the four levels.

I am delighted that you have decided to explore the IMGCA community, and we always welcome any questions or comments you may have about how we can better serve you.

Thank you for visiting The International Mental Game Coaching Association website!

Bill Cole, MS, MA
IMGCA Founder and President

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