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The International Mental Game Coaching Association

IMGCA Level I Certification Private Backroom Contents

When you register for the Level I Certification program, you will have 24-7, 365 access to these ten items in the private backroom area.

  1. Links to Over 49 Videos that teach, describe and embrace the mental approach to learning, practicing and performing, in sports, business and life.

  2. More Than 12 Hours of Audio Recordings from actual IMGCA certification teleclasses and Master Classes from Bill Cole, MS, MA, IMGCA Founder and President. We add more all the time.

  3. Over 45 Content Articles with more than 130 pages of material.

  4. A Coaching FAQ with strategies around achieving confidentiality, trust and rapport, establishing credibility, dealing with challenging client situations, interfacing with parents, creating lesson plans, assigning homework, using assessments and creating interesting and effective sessions that will really help your clients.

  5. Coaching Plans, an extensive compendium of many different coaching session structures, and a process for designing your own coaching delivery system. This page also has written, video and audio resources describing how a sport psychology intake session, or first coaching session can be organized.

  6. Coaching Strategies. In over 200 pages we go in depth in a number of vital areas of mental game coaching: The fundamentals of mental game coaching, how, when, and why to use mental game interventions and techniques, and over 25 ways to engage clients during a mental game coaching session. It also has a master checklist of 62 interventions, and a master list of 44 issues, blockages, challenges and syndromes in the mental game. It then places the appropriate interventions in the proper category so the mental game practitioner knows what approaches may be helpful.

  7. A 77-Page Mental Training Ebook, loaded with techniques and exercises you can use with your clients, at no extra charge.

  8. Legal Guide Section containing 14 sections about the knowledge and actions you should take in setting up your business so you are on firm legal ground.

  9. IMGCA Code Of Ethics comprised of six areas, covering 42 tenets, including relationships and leadership, competence, professionalism, client well-being, confidentiality and privacy and referrals and termination.

  10. Assessments Section with the proprietary IMGCA Mental Game of Sports Assessment Tool (IMGCASAT), a 65-item test with 13 sections, and one assessment on life stress.

  11. Checklist Of Marketing Tasks For Certification Graduates. Once you have completed your IMGCA certification program, this checklist of marketing tasks will help you launch a successful mental game coaching career.
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