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The International Mental Game Coaching Association

The International Mental Game Coaching Association conducts recorded audio teleclasses with students from all over the world. There are currently over 120 hours of teleclass audio recordings you can listen to anytime once you enroll in a certification program. IMGCA Certification students have the option of having their classes recorded, and a link to retrieve an MP3 file is provided to those students who choose recording, at no extra cost to them. Recording of classes is optional for each student.

Here are a few recordings of IMGCA Certification Teleclasses conducted by IMGCA President Bill Cole, MS, MA. These certification coaching sessions were conducted by telephone with IMGCA students from all over the world.

Students who enroll in the IMGCA Certified Mental Game Practitioner Certification Program will participate in their own teleclasses similar to these, with topics tailored according to each student's interests. They will also have access to a much larger selection of audio recordings of previous teleclasses, in addition to articles and other materials to be used in conjunction with their fieldwork, written work and final project or examination for the certification program.

To listen to an audio, click on the far left arrow on the audio bar. To pause, click on the two vertical bars that will appear in the same position as the arrow.

At any time, you may move the vertical bar to move forward or backward within the audio. The progress of the audio is noted in minutes and seconds near the center of the audio bar. This is followed by the length of the audio excerpt. The full-length audio files are approximately one hour in length. Topics of the entire audio session are listed, with the portions in the excerpt listed in bold face.

Sample Teleclasses

Excerpt from audio #1010

Structuring a Mental Game of Golf Workshop

  • How to structure a Mental Game of Golf workshop.
  • Consulting and advising.
  • Creating a contract or agreement.
  • Trade or barter arrangements.
  • Developing rapport.
  • Starting the program.
  • Amateur speakers vs. professional speakers.
  • Structuring a talk so the audience can follow you easily.
  • Demystifying sports psychology to people.
  • Experiential educational approaches.
  • Topics to include..
  • Example of an awareness technique.
  • Pitfalls and guidelines for using experiential educational approaches.
  • Group dynamics.
  • How to handle problems in a workshop.

Excerpt from audio #1000

Mental Training for Tennis and Golf

  • How to work with a de-motivated client.
  • Mental training for tennis and golf.
  • Playing well against weaker opponents by setting sub-goals.
  • Zeroing in on client problems using percentages, number scales, and questions.
  • Coaching conversations.
  • Ben Franklin split page list technique.
  • Teaching clients to know why they are winning or losing, both after a contest and during the contest.
  • Answering the question, 'What does a mental game coach do?'
  • Opening conversations with potential clients contacting you.

Learn more about IMGCA Certification, or fill out the Application Form to enroll in the program.

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