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Bill Cole's Background in Golf Psychology

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In golf, Bill has been the mental game coach to men and women College All-Americans, and players who have competed on both men’s PGA Tour and women’s LPGA Tour, World Junior Golf Championships and the US Open Championships. One player he coached finished in the top 10 on the 2008 Duramed Futures Women’s Professional Golf Tour. He's coached a player who won the Golf Channel Am Tour Nationals.

He has coached members of the collegiate golf teams, including Cal Berkeley and Stanford University, and in the 1980's Bill was the Golf Psychology Advisor to the Cal State Fullerton Men's Golf Program. Bill was the mental coach for Kat Delen-Briones, a player from the NCAA Division I San Jose State University Women's Golf Team, one of the top teams in the country. Kat was the top junior golfer from the Philippines, and played in two Junior World Golf Championships.

Bill has been mental game coach to players who have achieved these milestones:

  • Men's and Women's Professional PGA and LPGA Golf Tour Competitors

  • Top High School and college competitors

  • Second-Place winner of $40,000 on Nationwide Tour

  • Two-time competitor in the World Golf Championships

  • Competitor on Senior PGA Pro Tour

  • Competitors at the World Junior Golf Championships

  • Golfers on top golf teams in the NCAA

Bill was a sport psychology advisor to the Joe Theil Worldwide Golf Schools, based in Olympia, Washington; Palm Springs, California; Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan. He wrote some of their golf psychology curriculum and worked with their golfers at many levels of proficiency, including tour players. Joe is a top-50 Golf Magazine golf coach and master PGA Professional and Lead Instructor for Mizuno Golf. He coached the 1998 US Open Women's Champion, Se Ri Pak, and over 200 tour players, college players and high-ranking amateurs.

Bill sits on the Advisory Board of the Virtual Golf Caddy Company:

Bill himself is a good golfer, who does not get to play frequently enough, with all the writing, speaking, training and coaching he does. He hopes the future brings more golf time.


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