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IMGCA Certification Client Workbook

IMGCA Certification Client Workbook

Here is the Mental Game Of Sports Mental Training Manual, by Bill Cole, MS, MA. Bill uses this with his coaching clients as part of their coaching package, at no extra charge. Your enrollment in the IMGCA certification program, as a student or as a graduate in good standing, entitles you to include this document as the client manual in coaching packages you offer to your clients, at no extra payment to IMGCA.

If you decide to sell this as a standalone product, the payment you make to IMGCA will be $10USD per unit, based on your selling it at $19.95 USD. If so, please contact us in advance to make arrangements. We also can discuss quantity discounts.

If you decide to write your own manual, please remember that this manual is copyrighted, so be careful not to copy or summarize any of the material in any way. You can use this as a guide, and for ideas in writing your own manual. If you think there's a possibility that your planned manual will violate our copyright restrictions, please contact us to discuss the details.

This 77-page manual is a very large file, so please wait at least 20 seconds for it to open.

The manual is in pdf format, and will open in a new window.

Mental Game Of Sports Mental Training Manual
Mental Game Of Sports Mental Training Manual

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Excerpts from Selected Testimonials For Bill Cole's Mental Game of Tennis Coaching

Ashvin Soin"Bill Cole is an expert in the Mental Game. His achievements as an international mind coach, top-level champion athlete, and his background in academic sports psychology and clinical psychology work are infused throughout this training. ... This certification will really help me gain more credibility and visibility in the tennis coaching and teaching world."
–Ashvin Soin
Director, Breakpoint Tennis Academy
USPTA Certified Tennis Professional
Saratoga, CA

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"Bill Cole…has greatly helped improve our players' mental game and has provided us with much support, guidance, insights and mental strategies to help us succeed.

Bill is a very talented and deeply-knowledgeable mental game coach. His ability to help our players stay motivated, focused and on-track is just excellent…Bill really takes the time to understand people, to listen and to figure out what each person needs to achieve and excel. He is a master mental game coach."
–Oded Jacob
Captain and Coach
Israeli Davis Cup Team

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