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The IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Certification Curriculum

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The International Mental Game Coaching Association

How's Your Mental Game?

Reaching Full Potential In Tennis By Using The Mind
Success Begins In The Mind

Tennis Mental Game Assessment
Measure Strengths And Weaknesses

Maybe It's Not All In Your Mind

How The Technical Affects The Mental
Non-Mental Factors

How Strategy And Tactics Affects Your Mental Game
The "Other" Mental Game

Preparing Your Mind To Win

Reaching For Tennis Greatness
Do You Have A Master Mental Success Plan?

Building The Determination To Succeed
How Motivated Are You To Succeed?

Pre-Match Mental Preparation
Do You Arrive Ready To Succeed?

Pre-Point Mental Preparation
What To Do With Your Mind Between Points

Turning Stress Into Success

Controlling Nerves In A Match
35 Stress-Busting Strategies To Help You Win

Breathing For Peak Performance
How to Focus and Relax

Stop Choking And Start Winning
Playing To The Potential You Know You Have

Don't Try So Hard--You'll Play Better
The Paradox of Trying Softer, Not Harder

The Art Of Ball Watching

Better Ball Watching Through Physical Control
How Your Body Mechanics Control Your Vision

38 Ways To Watch The Ball Better
Ways To Watch The Ball You Never Thought About

The Most Common Ball Watching Errors
Knowing What Not To Do

Five Myths About Ball Watching
Knowing The Untruths That Can Harm You

Micro-Size Your Focus
Miniaturizing Your Mind

Aiming And Vision
Learning How to Direct Your Shots

Building A Laser Focus

Sharpening Your Concentration
Building A Laser-Focused Mind

Testing Your Focus
Take This Concentration Checklist

Building Your Inner Time Clock
Setting Your Internal Clock

Getting In The Zone
The Anatomy Of A Peak Performance

Mental Mastery In The Match

Mental Game Match Management
Be The CEO Of Your Own Game

What Wins Is Adjustment, Not Perfection

Controlling Your Emotions
Keeping Your Highs Low And Your Lows High

Don't Sabotage Your Tennis Success: Stop Blowing Leads
Overcoming The Traps of Being In The Lead

Mental Warfare In Tennis
Defeating The Opponent's Mind Games And Staying Focused

Practicing The Mental Game

The Mental Game Off-Court
Training Your Brain At Home

Visualizing Success
Building Mental Muscle

Sharpening Your Mental Tools On The Practice Court: Taking Your Brain To The Practice Court
On-Court Drills, Exercises And Tips To Help You Master Your Mind

Thinking Like A Winner
Developing A Championship Mind

Building Your Self-Confidence
The Ultimate Mental Weapon

The Mental Game In Your Tennis Lessons
Using Your Mind To The Maximum

Maintaining Mental Game Mastery

Avoiding Slumps, Staleness and Burnout
Igniting Your Passion For Tennis

Handling The Paradox Of Success
The Downside Of The Upside

Mental Game Specialties

Doubles Psychology
Building A Strong Partnership

The Mental Game In Junior Tennis
The Pleasures And Pitfalls Of Learning The Game

Becoming A Tougher Competitor

Mental Toughness Is A Must
The Essential Mental-Emotional Skill

Building The Killer Instinct
Developing The Will To Win

Do You Love to Win or Do You Hate To Lose?
Finding Your Optimal Motivation

Do You Play To Win Or Play Not To Lose?
Competing With The Right Mindset

Creating A Philosophy Of Competition
Understanding Why You And Others Play

Mental Game Memories

The Mental Game After Your Match
Moving Up To Mental Mastery

Winning The Mental Game Of Life
Your Powers Of Mind At Work, Home And Play


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